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pj_ssl_start_connect_param Struct Reference

Data Fields

const pj_sockaddr_tlocaladdr
pj_uint16_t local_port_range
const pj_sockaddr_tremaddr
int addr_len

Detailed Description

The parameter for pj_ssl_sock_start_connect2().

Field Documentation

◆ addr_len

int pj_ssl_start_connect_param::addr_len

Length of buffer containing above addresses.

◆ local_port_range

pj_uint16_t pj_ssl_start_connect_param::local_port_range

Port range for socket binding, relative to the start port number specified in localaddr. This is only applicable when the start port number is non zero.

◆ localaddr

const pj_sockaddr_t* pj_ssl_start_connect_param::localaddr

Local address.

◆ pool

pj_pool_t* pj_ssl_start_connect_param::pool

The pool to allocate some internal data for the operation.

◆ remaddr

const pj_sockaddr_t* pj_ssl_start_connect_param::remaddr

Remote address.

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