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pjmedia_aud_test_results Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_aud_test_stat rec
pjmedia_aud_test_stat play
pj_int32_t rec_drift_per_sec

Detailed Description

Test results.

Field Documentation

◆ rec

pjmedia_aud_test_stat pjmedia_aud_test_results::rec

Recording statistic.

◆ play

pjmedia_aud_test_stat pjmedia_aud_test_results::play

Playback statistic.

◆ rec_drift_per_sec

pj_int32_t pjmedia_aud_test_results::rec_drift_per_sec

Clock drifts per second, in samples. Positive number indicates rec device is running faster than playback device.

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