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pjmedia_clock_src Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_type media_type
unsigned clock_rate
unsigned ptime_usec
pj_timestamp timestamp
pj_timestamp last_update

Detailed Description

Media clock source.

Field Documentation

◆ media_type

pjmedia_type pjmedia_clock_src::media_type

Media type.

◆ clock_rate

unsigned pjmedia_clock_src::clock_rate

Clock rate.

◆ ptime_usec

unsigned pjmedia_clock_src::ptime_usec

Frame interval (in usec).

◆ timestamp

pj_timestamp pjmedia_clock_src::timestamp

The timestamp field holds an increasing value in samples and its value is expected to be increased by clock_rate samples per second.

◆ last_update

pj_timestamp pjmedia_clock_src::last_update

Timestamp's last update. The last_update field contains a value in ticks, and it is expected to be increased by pj_get_timestamp_freq() ticks per second.

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