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Data Fields

union {
   struct flag {
      int   bad:1
      int   badpt:1
      int   badssrc:1
      int   dup:1
      int   outorder:1
      int   probation:1
      int   restart:1
   }   flag
   pj_uint16_t   value
pj_uint16_t diff

Detailed Description

This structure is used to receive additional information about the state of incoming RTP packet.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ bad

int pjmedia_rtp_status::bad

General flag to indicate that sequence is bad, and application should not process this packet. More information will be given in other flags.

◆ badpt

int pjmedia_rtp_status::badpt

Bad payload type.

◆ badssrc

int pjmedia_rtp_status::badssrc


◆ dup

int pjmedia_rtp_status::dup

Indicates duplicate packet

◆ outorder

int pjmedia_rtp_status::outorder

Indicates out of order packet

◆ probation

int pjmedia_rtp_status::probation

Indicates that session is in probation until more packets are received.

◆ restart

int pjmedia_rtp_status::restart

Indicates that sequence number has made a large jump, and internal base sequence number has been adjusted.

◆ flag

struct { ... } ::flag pjmedia_rtp_status::flag

Status flags.

◆ value

pj_uint16_t pjmedia_rtp_status::value

Status value, to conveniently address all flags.

◆ status

union { ... } pjmedia_rtp_status::status

Status information union.

◆ diff

pj_uint16_t pjmedia_rtp_status::diff

Sequence number difference from previous packet. Normally the value should be 1.
Value greater than one may indicate packet loss. If packet with lower sequence is received, the value will be set to zero. If base sequence has been restarted, the value will be one.

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