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pjmedia_sdp_session Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct {
   pj_str_t   user
   pj_uint32_t   id
   pj_uint32_t   version
   pj_str_t   net_type
   pj_str_t   addr_type
   pj_str_t   addr
pj_str_t name
unsigned bandw_count
pjmedia_sdp_bandwbandw [4]
struct {
   pj_uint32_t   start
   pj_uint32_t   stop
unsigned attr_count
pjmedia_sdp_attrattr [(32 *2+4)]
unsigned media_count
pjmedia_sdp_mediamedia [16]

Detailed Description

This structure describes SDP session description. A SDP session descriptor contains complete information about a session, and normally is exchanged with remote media peer using signaling protocol such as SIP.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ user

pj_str_t pjmedia_sdp_session::user


◆ id

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_sdp_session::id

Session ID

◆ version

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_sdp_session::version

Session version

◆ net_type

pj_str_t pjmedia_sdp_session::net_type

Network type ("IN")

◆ addr_type

pj_str_t pjmedia_sdp_session::addr_type

Address type ("IP4", "IP6")

◆ addr

pj_str_t pjmedia_sdp_session::addr

The address.

◆ origin

struct { ... } pjmedia_sdp_session::origin

Session origin (o= line)

◆ name

pj_str_t pjmedia_sdp_session::name

Subject line (s=)

◆ conn

pjmedia_sdp_conn* pjmedia_sdp_session::conn

Connection line (c=)

◆ bandw_count

unsigned pjmedia_sdp_session::bandw_count

Number of bandwidth info (b=)

◆ bandw

pjmedia_sdp_bandw* pjmedia_sdp_session::bandw[4]

Bandwidth info array (b=)

◆ start

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_sdp_session::start

Start time.

◆ stop

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_sdp_session::stop

Stop time.

◆ time

struct { ... } pjmedia_sdp_session::time

Session time (t= line)

◆ attr_count

unsigned pjmedia_sdp_session::attr_count

Number of attributes.

◆ attr

pjmedia_sdp_attr* pjmedia_sdp_session::attr[(32 *2+4)]

Attributes array.

◆ media_count

unsigned pjmedia_sdp_session::media_count

Number of media.

◆ media

pjmedia_sdp_media* pjmedia_sdp_session::media[16]

Media array.

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