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pjmedia_stream_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_type type
pjmedia_tp_proto proto
pjmedia_dir dir
pj_sockaddr local_addr
pj_sockaddr rem_addr
pj_sockaddr rem_rtcp
pj_bool_t rtcp_mux
pjmedia_rtcp_fb_info loc_rtcp_fb
pjmedia_rtcp_fb_info rem_rtcp_fb
pjmedia_codec_info fmt
unsigned tx_pt
unsigned rx_pt
unsigned tx_maxptime
int tx_event_pt
int rx_event_pt
pj_uint32_t ssrc
pj_str_t cname
pj_bool_t has_rem_ssrc
pj_uint32_t rem_ssrc
pj_str_t rem_cname
pj_uint32_t rtp_ts
pj_uint16_t rtp_seq
pj_uint8_t rtp_seq_ts_set
int jb_init
int jb_min_pre
int jb_max_pre
int jb_max
pjmedia_jb_discard_algo jb_discard_algo
pj_bool_t use_ka
pjmedia_stream_ka_config ka_cfg
pj_bool_t rtcp_sdes_bye_disabled

Detailed Description

This structure describes media stream information. Each media stream corresponds to one "m=" line in SDP session descriptor, and it has its own RTP/RTCP socket pair.

Field Documentation

◆ type

pjmedia_type pjmedia_stream_info::type

Media type (audio, video)

◆ proto

pjmedia_tp_proto pjmedia_stream_info::proto

Transport protocol (RTP/AVP, etc.)

◆ dir

pjmedia_dir pjmedia_stream_info::dir

Media direction.

◆ local_addr

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_stream_info::local_addr

Local RTP address

◆ rem_addr

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_stream_info::rem_addr

Remote RTP address

◆ rem_rtcp

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_stream_info::rem_rtcp

Optional remote RTCP address. If sin_family is zero, the RTP address will be calculated from RTP.

◆ rtcp_mux

pj_bool_t pjmedia_stream_info::rtcp_mux

Use RTP and RTCP multiplexing.

◆ loc_rtcp_fb

pjmedia_rtcp_fb_info pjmedia_stream_info::loc_rtcp_fb

Local RTCP-FB info.

◆ rem_rtcp_fb

pjmedia_rtcp_fb_info pjmedia_stream_info::rem_rtcp_fb

Remote RTCP-FB info.

◆ fmt

pjmedia_codec_info pjmedia_stream_info::fmt

Incoming codec format info.

◆ param

pjmedia_codec_param* pjmedia_stream_info::param

Optional codec param.

◆ tx_pt

unsigned pjmedia_stream_info::tx_pt

Outgoing codec paylaod type.

◆ rx_pt

unsigned pjmedia_stream_info::rx_pt

Incoming codec paylaod type.

◆ tx_maxptime

unsigned pjmedia_stream_info::tx_maxptime

Outgoing codec max ptime.

◆ tx_event_pt

int pjmedia_stream_info::tx_event_pt

Outgoing pt for telephone-events.

◆ rx_event_pt

int pjmedia_stream_info::rx_event_pt

Incoming pt for telephone-events.

◆ ssrc

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_stream_info::ssrc


◆ cname

pj_str_t pjmedia_stream_info::cname


◆ has_rem_ssrc

pj_bool_t pjmedia_stream_info::has_rem_ssrc

Has remote RTP SSRC?

◆ rem_ssrc

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_stream_info::rem_ssrc

Remote RTP SSRC.

◆ rem_cname

pj_str_t pjmedia_stream_info::rem_cname


◆ rtp_ts

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_stream_info::rtp_ts

Initial RTP timestamp.

◆ rtp_seq

pj_uint16_t pjmedia_stream_info::rtp_seq

Initial RTP sequence number.

◆ rtp_seq_ts_set

pj_uint8_t pjmedia_stream_info::rtp_seq_ts_set

Bitmask flags if initial RTP sequence and/or timestamp for sender are set. bit 0/LSB : sequence flag bit 1 : timestamp flag

◆ jb_init

int pjmedia_stream_info::jb_init

Jitter buffer init delay in msec. (-1 for default).

◆ jb_min_pre

int pjmedia_stream_info::jb_min_pre

Jitter buffer minimum prefetch delay in msec (-1 for default).

◆ jb_max_pre

int pjmedia_stream_info::jb_max_pre

Jitter buffer maximum prefetch delay in msec (-1 for default).

◆ jb_max

int pjmedia_stream_info::jb_max

Jitter buffer max delay in msec.

◆ jb_discard_algo

pjmedia_jb_discard_algo pjmedia_stream_info::jb_discard_algo

Jitter buffer discard algorithm.

◆ use_ka

pj_bool_t pjmedia_stream_info::use_ka

Stream keep-alive and NAT hole punch (see #PJMEDIA_STREAM_ENABLE_KA) is enabled?

◆ ka_cfg

pjmedia_stream_ka_config pjmedia_stream_info::ka_cfg

Stream send kep-alive settings.

◆ rtcp_sdes_bye_disabled

pj_bool_t pjmedia_stream_info::rtcp_sdes_bye_disabled

Disable automatic sending of RTCP SDES and BYE.

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