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pjmedia_vid_codec_param Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_dir dir
pjmedia_vid_packing packing
pjmedia_format enc_fmt
pjmedia_codec_fmtp enc_fmtp
unsigned enc_mtu
pjmedia_format dec_fmt
pjmedia_codec_fmtp dec_fmtp
pj_bool_t ignore_fmtp

Detailed Description

Detailed codec attributes used in configuring a codec and in querying the capability of codec factories. Default attributes of any codecs could be queried using pjmedia_vid_codec_mgr_get_default_param() and modified using pjmedia_vid_codec_mgr_set_default_param().

Please note that codec parameter also contains SDP specific setting, dec_fmtp and enc_fmtp, which may need to be set appropriately based on the effective setting. See each codec documentation for more detail.

Field Documentation

◆ dir

pjmedia_dir pjmedia_vid_codec_param::dir


◆ packing

pjmedia_vid_packing pjmedia_vid_codec_param::packing

Packetization strategy.

◆ enc_fmt

pjmedia_format pjmedia_vid_codec_param::enc_fmt

Encoded format

◆ enc_fmtp

pjmedia_codec_fmtp pjmedia_vid_codec_param::enc_fmtp

Encoder fmtp params

◆ enc_mtu

unsigned pjmedia_vid_codec_param::enc_mtu

MTU or max payload size setting

◆ dec_fmt

pjmedia_format pjmedia_vid_codec_param::dec_fmt

Decoded format

◆ dec_fmtp

pjmedia_codec_fmtp pjmedia_vid_codec_param::dec_fmtp

Decoder fmtp params

◆ ignore_fmtp

pj_bool_t pjmedia_vid_codec_param::ignore_fmtp

Ignore fmtp params. If set to PJ_TRUE, the codec will apply format settings specified in enc_fmt and dec_fmt only.

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