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pjmedia_vid_dev_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_vid_dev_index id
char name [64]
char driver [32]
pjmedia_dir dir
pj_bool_t has_callback
unsigned caps
unsigned fmt_cnt
pjmedia_format fmt [PJMEDIA_VID_DEV_INFO_FMT_CNT]

Detailed Description

Device information structure returned by pjmedia_vid_dev_get_info().

Field Documentation

◆ id

pjmedia_vid_dev_index pjmedia_vid_dev_info::id

The device ID

◆ name

char pjmedia_vid_dev_info::name[64]

The device name

◆ driver

char pjmedia_vid_dev_info::driver[32]

The underlying driver name

◆ dir

pjmedia_dir pjmedia_vid_dev_info::dir

The supported direction of the video device, i.e. whether it supports capture only, render only, or both.

◆ has_callback

pj_bool_t pjmedia_vid_dev_info::has_callback

Specify whether the device supports callback. Devices that implement "active interface" will actively call the callbacks to give or ask for video frames. If the device doesn't support callback, application must actively request or give video frames from/to the device by using pjmedia_vid_dev_stream_get_frame()/pjmedia_vid_dev_stream_put_frame().

◆ caps

unsigned pjmedia_vid_dev_info::caps

Device capabilities, as bitmask combination of pjmedia_vid_dev_cap

◆ fmt_cnt

unsigned pjmedia_vid_dev_info::fmt_cnt

Number of video formats supported by this device

◆ fmt

pjmedia_format pjmedia_vid_dev_info::fmt[PJMEDIA_VID_DEV_INFO_FMT_CNT]

Array of supported video formats. Some fields in each supported video format may be set to zero or of "unknown" value, to indicate that the value is unknown or should be ignored. When these value are not set to zero, it indicates that the exact format combination is being used.

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