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Data Fields

pj_bool_t aggressive
unsigned nominated_check_delay
int controlled_agent_want_nom_timeout

Detailed Description

This structure describes various ICE session options. Application configure the ICE session with these options by calling pj_ice_sess_set_options().

Field Documentation

◆ aggressive

pj_bool_t pj_ice_sess_options::aggressive

Specify whether to use aggressive nomination.

◆ controlled_agent_want_nom_timeout

int pj_ice_sess_options::controlled_agent_want_nom_timeout

For a controlled agent, specify how long it wants to wait (in milliseconds) for the controlling agent to complete sending connectivity check with nominated flag set to true for all components after the controlled agent has found that all connectivity checks in its checklist have been completed and there is at least one successful (but not nominated) check for every component.

Default value for this option is ICE_CONTROLLED_AGENT_WAIT_NOMINATION_TIMEOUT. Specify -1 to disable this timer.

◆ nominated_check_delay

unsigned pj_ice_sess_options::nominated_check_delay

For controlling agent if it uses regular nomination, specify the delay to perform nominated check (connectivity check with USE-CANDIDATE attribute) after all components have a valid pair.


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