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Data Fields

pj_stun_attr_hdr hdr

Detailed Description

This structure represents a generic STUN attributes with no payload, and it is used for example by ICE USE-CANDIDATE attribute.

This describes the TURN DONT-FRAGMENT attribute.

This attribute is used by the client to request that the server set the DF (Don't Fragment) bit in the IP header when relaying the application data onward to the peer. This attribute has no value part and thus the attribute length field is 0.

This describes the USE-CANDIDATE attribute from draft-ietf-mmusic-ice-13. The USE-CANDIDATE attribute indicates that the candidate pair resulting from this check should be used for transmission of media. The attribute has no content (the Length field of the attribute is zero); it serves as a flag.

Field Documentation

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pj_stun_attr_hdr pj_stun_use_candidate_attr::hdr

Standard STUN attribute header.

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