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Data Fields

pj_stun_msg_hdr hdr
unsigned attr_count
pj_stun_attr_hdrattr [PJ_STUN_MAX_ATTR]

Detailed Description

This structure describes a parsed STUN message. All integral fields in this structure (including IP addresses) will be in the host byte order.

Field Documentation

◆ attr

pj_stun_attr_hdr* pj_stun_msg::attr[PJ_STUN_MAX_ATTR]

Array of STUN attributes.

◆ attr_count

unsigned pj_stun_msg::attr_count

Number of attributes in the STUN message.

◆ hdr

pj_stun_msg_hdr pj_stun_msg::hdr

STUN message header.

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PJNATH - Open Source NAT traversal helper library supporting STUN, TURN, and ICE
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