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Data Fields

pj_sockaddr bound_addr
pj_sockaddr srv_addr
pj_sockaddr mapped_addr
unsigned alias_cnt
pj_sockaddr aliases [PJ_ICE_ST_MAX_CAND]

Detailed Description

This structure contains information about the STUN transport. Application may query this information by calling pj_stun_sock_get_info().

Field Documentation

◆ alias_cnt

unsigned pj_stun_sock_info::alias_cnt

Number of interface address aliases. The interface address aliases are list of all interface addresses in this host.

◆ aliases

pj_sockaddr pj_stun_sock_info::aliases[PJ_ICE_ST_MAX_CAND]

Array of interface address aliases.

◆ bound_addr

pj_sockaddr pj_stun_sock_info::bound_addr

The bound address of the socket.

◆ mapped_addr

pj_sockaddr pj_stun_sock_info::mapped_addr

The publicly mapped address. It may contain zero address when the mapped address has not been resolved. Application may query whether this field contains valid address with pj_sockaddr_has_addr().

◆ srv_addr

pj_sockaddr pj_stun_sock_info::srv_addr

IP address of the STUN server.

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PJNATH - Open Source NAT traversal helper library supporting STUN, TURN, and ICE
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