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Data Fields

pj_stun_attr_hdr hdr
pj_timestamp value

Detailed Description

This structure represents a generic STUN attributes with 64bit (unsigned) integer value, such as ICE-CONTROLLED and ICE-CONTROLLING attributes.

This describes the TURN RESERVATION-TOKEN attribute. The RESERVATION-TOKEN attribute contains a token that uniquely identifies a relayed transport address being held in reserve by the server. The server includes this attribute in a success response to tell the client about the token, and the client includes this attribute in a subsequent Allocate request to request the server use that relayed transport address for the allocation.

The attribute value is a 64-bit-long field containing the token value.

This describes ICE-CONTROLLING attribute.

This describes ICE-CONTROLLED attribute.

Field Documentation

◆ hdr

pj_stun_attr_hdr pj_stun_ice_controlled_attr::hdr

Standard STUN attribute header.

◆ value

pj_timestamp pj_stun_ice_controlled_attr::value

The 64bit value, in host byte order, represented with pj_timestamp.

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