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Data Fields

pj_stun_attr_hdr hdr
unsigned attr_count
pj_uint16_t attrs [PJ_STUN_MAX_ATTR]

Detailed Description

This describes STUN UNKNOWN-ATTRIBUTES attribute. The UNKNOWN-ATTRIBUTES attribute is present only in an error response when the response code in the ERROR-CODE attribute is 420. The attribute contains a list of 16 bit values, each of which represents an attribute type that was not understood by the server. If the number of unknown attributes is an odd number, one of the attributes MUST be repeated in the list, so that the total length of the list is a multiple of 4 bytes.

Field Documentation

◆ attr_count

unsigned pj_stun_unknown_attr::attr_count

Number of unknown attributes in the array.

◆ attrs

pj_uint16_t pj_stun_unknown_attr::attrs[PJ_STUN_MAX_ATTR]

Array of unknown attribute IDs.

◆ hdr

pj_stun_attr_hdr pj_stun_unknown_attr::hdr

Standard STUN attribute header.

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