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Data Fields

pj_turn_state_t state
pj_status_t last_status
pj_turn_tp_type conn_type
pj_sockaddr server
pj_sockaddr mapped_addr
pj_sockaddr relay_addr
int lifetime

Detailed Description

This structure describes TURN session info.

Field Documentation

◆ conn_type

pj_turn_tp_type pj_turn_session_info::conn_type

Type of connection to the TURN server.

◆ last_status

pj_status_t pj_turn_session_info::last_status

Last error (if session was terminated because of error)

◆ lifetime

int pj_turn_session_info::lifetime

Current seconds before allocation expires.

◆ mapped_addr

pj_sockaddr pj_turn_session_info::mapped_addr

Mapped address, as reported by the TURN server.

◆ relay_addr

pj_sockaddr pj_turn_session_info::relay_addr

The relay address

◆ server

pj_sockaddr pj_turn_session_info::server

The selected TURN server address.

◆ state

pj_turn_state_t pj_turn_session_info::state

Session state.

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PJNATH - Open Source NAT traversal helper library supporting STUN, TURN, and ICE
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