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Data Fields

void * pkt
pj_size_t pkt_len
pj_size_t parsed_len
const pj_sockaddr_tsrc_addr
unsigned src_addr_len

Detailed Description

Parameters for function pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt2().

Field Documentation

◆ parsed_len

pj_size_t pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt_param::parsed_len

The number of parsed or processed data from the packet.

◆ pkt

void* pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt_param::pkt

The packet as received from the TURN server. This should contain either STUN encapsulated message or a ChannelData packet.

◆ pkt_len

pj_size_t pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt_param::pkt_len

The length of the packet.

◆ src_addr

const pj_sockaddr_t* pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt_param::src_addr

Source address where the packet is received from.

◆ src_addr_len

unsigned pj_turn_session_on_rx_pkt_param::src_addr_len

Length of the source address.

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PJNATH - Open Source NAT traversal helper library supporting STUN, TURN, and ICE
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