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#include <siptypes.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pj::AuthCredInfo:

Public Member Functions

 AuthCredInfo ()
 AuthCredInfo (const string &scheme, const string &realm, const string &user_name, const int data_type, const string data)
virtual void readObject (const ContainerNode &node) PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
virtual void writeObject (ContainerNode &node) const PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pj::PersistentObject
virtual ~PersistentObject ()

Data Fields

string scheme
string realm
string username
int dataType
string data
string akaK
string akaOp
string akaAmf

Detailed Description

Credential information. Credential contains information to authenticate against a service.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AuthCredInfo() [1/2]

pj::AuthCredInfo::AuthCredInfo ( )

Default constructor

◆ AuthCredInfo() [2/2]

pj::AuthCredInfo::AuthCredInfo ( const string &  scheme,
const string &  realm,
const string &  user_name,
const int  data_type,
const string  data 

Construct a credential with the specified parameters

Member Function Documentation

◆ readObject()

virtual void pj::AuthCredInfo::readObject ( const ContainerNode node)

Read this object from a container node.

nodeContainer to read values from.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

◆ writeObject()

virtual void pj::AuthCredInfo::writeObject ( ContainerNode node) const

Write this object to a container node.

nodeContainer to write values to.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

Field Documentation

◆ scheme

string pj::AuthCredInfo::scheme

The authentication scheme (e.g. "digest").

◆ realm

string pj::AuthCredInfo::realm

Realm on which this credential is to be used. Use "*" to make a credential that can be used to authenticate against any challenges.

◆ username

string pj::AuthCredInfo::username

Authentication user name.

◆ dataType

int pj::AuthCredInfo::dataType

Type of data that is contained in the "data" field. Use 0 if the data contains plain text password.

◆ data

string pj::AuthCredInfo::data

The data, which can be a plain text password or a hashed digest.

◆ akaK

string pj::AuthCredInfo::akaK

Permanent subscriber key.

◆ akaOp

string pj::AuthCredInfo::akaOp

Operator variant key.

◆ akaAmf

string pj::AuthCredInfo::akaAmf

Authentication Management Field

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