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#include <call.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void fromPj (const pjsua_call_info &pci)

Data Fields

pjsua_call_id id
pjsip_role_e role
pjsua_acc_id accId
string localUri
string localContact
string remoteUri
string remoteContact
string callIdString
CallSetting setting
pjsip_inv_state state
string stateText
pjsip_status_code lastStatusCode
string lastReason
CallMediaInfoVector media
CallMediaInfoVector provMedia
TimeVal connectDuration
TimeVal totalDuration
bool remOfferer
unsigned remAudioCount
unsigned remVideoCount

Detailed Description

Call information. Application can query the call information by calling Call::getInfo().

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::CallInfo::fromPj ( const pjsua_call_info pci)

Convert from pjsip

Field Documentation

◆ id

pjsua_call_id pj::CallInfo::id

Call identification.

◆ role

pjsip_role_e pj::CallInfo::role

Initial call role (UAC == caller)

◆ accId

pjsua_acc_id pj::CallInfo::accId

The account ID where this call belongs.

◆ localUri

string pj::CallInfo::localUri

Local URI

◆ localContact

string pj::CallInfo::localContact

Local Contact

◆ remoteUri

string pj::CallInfo::remoteUri

Remote URI

◆ remoteContact

string pj::CallInfo::remoteContact

Remote contact

◆ callIdString

string pj::CallInfo::callIdString

Dialog Call-ID string.

◆ setting

CallSetting pj::CallInfo::setting

Call setting

◆ state

pjsip_inv_state pj::CallInfo::state

Call state

◆ stateText

string pj::CallInfo::stateText

Text describing the state

◆ lastStatusCode

pjsip_status_code pj::CallInfo::lastStatusCode

Last status code heard, which can be used as cause code

◆ lastReason

string pj::CallInfo::lastReason

The reason phrase describing the last status.

◆ media

CallMediaInfoVector pj::CallInfo::media

Array of active media information.

◆ provMedia

CallMediaInfoVector pj::CallInfo::provMedia

Array of provisional media information. This contains the media info in the provisioning state, that is when the media session is being created/updated (SDP offer/answer is on progress).

◆ connectDuration

TimeVal pj::CallInfo::connectDuration

Up-to-date call connected duration (zero when call is not established)

◆ totalDuration

TimeVal pj::CallInfo::totalDuration

Total call duration, including set-up time

◆ remOfferer

bool pj::CallInfo::remOfferer

Flag if remote was SDP offerer

◆ remAudioCount

unsigned pj::CallInfo::remAudioCount

Number of audio streams offered by remote

◆ remVideoCount

unsigned pj::CallInfo::remVideoCount

Number of video streams offered by remote

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