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#include <call.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 CallMediaInfo ()
void fromPj (const pjsua_call_media_info &prm)

Data Fields

unsigned index
pjmedia_type type
pjmedia_dir dir
pjsua_call_media_status status
int audioConfSlot
pjsua_vid_win_id videoIncomingWindowId
VideoWindow videoWindow
pjmedia_vid_dev_index videoCapDev

Detailed Description

Call media information.

Application can query conference bridge port of this media using Call::getAudioMedia() if the media type is audio, or Call::getEncodingVideoMedia()/Call::getDecodingVideoMedia() if the media type is video.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CallMediaInfo()

pj::CallMediaInfo::CallMediaInfo ( )

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::CallMediaInfo::fromPj ( const pjsua_call_media_info prm)

Convert from pjsip

Field Documentation

◆ index

unsigned pj::CallMediaInfo::index

Media index in SDP.

◆ type

pjmedia_type pj::CallMediaInfo::type

Media type.

◆ dir

pjmedia_dir pj::CallMediaInfo::dir

Media direction.

◆ status

pjsua_call_media_status pj::CallMediaInfo::status

Call media status.

◆ audioConfSlot

int pj::CallMediaInfo::audioConfSlot

Warning: this is deprecated, application can query conference bridge port of this media using Call::getAudioMedia().

The conference port number for the call. Only valid if the media type is audio.

◆ videoIncomingWindowId

pjsua_vid_win_id pj::CallMediaInfo::videoIncomingWindowId

The window id for incoming video, if any, or PJSUA_INVALID_ID. Only valid if the media type is video.

◆ videoWindow

VideoWindow pj::CallMediaInfo::videoWindow

The video window instance for incoming video. Only valid if videoIncomingWindowId is not PJSUA_INVALID_ID and the media type is video.

◆ videoCapDev

pjmedia_vid_dev_index pj::CallMediaInfo::videoCapDev

The video capture device for outgoing transmission, if any, or PJMEDIA_VID_INVALID_DEV. Only valid if the media type is video.

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