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#include <endpoint.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pj::LogConfig:

Public Member Functions

 LogConfig ()
void fromPj (const pjsua_logging_config &lc)
pjsua_logging_config toPj () const
virtual void readObject (const ContainerNode &node) PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
virtual void writeObject (ContainerNode &node) const PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pj::PersistentObject
virtual ~PersistentObject ()

Data Fields

unsigned msgLogging
unsigned level
unsigned consoleLevel
unsigned decor
string filename
unsigned fileFlags

Detailed Description

Logging configuration, which can be (optionally) specified when calling Lib::init().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LogConfig()

pj::LogConfig::LogConfig ( )

Default constructor initialises with default values

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::LogConfig::fromPj ( const pjsua_logging_config lc)

Construct from pjsua_logging_config

◆ toPj()

pjsua_logging_config pj::LogConfig::toPj ( ) const

◆ readObject()

virtual void pj::LogConfig::readObject ( const ContainerNode node)

Read this object from a container.

nodeContainer to write values from.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

◆ writeObject()

virtual void pj::LogConfig::writeObject ( ContainerNode node) const

Write this object to a container.

nodeContainer to write values to.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

Field Documentation

◆ msgLogging

unsigned pj::LogConfig::msgLogging

Log incoming and outgoing SIP message? Yes!

◆ level

unsigned pj::LogConfig::level

Input verbosity level. Value 5 is reasonable.

◆ consoleLevel

unsigned pj::LogConfig::consoleLevel

Verbosity level for console. Value 4 is reasonable.

◆ decor

unsigned pj::LogConfig::decor

Log decoration.

◆ filename

string pj::LogConfig::filename

Optional log filename if app wishes the library to write to log file.

◆ fileFlags

unsigned pj::LogConfig::fileFlags

Additional flags to be given to pj_file_open() when opening the log file. By default, the flag is PJ_O_WRONLY. Application may set PJ_O_APPEND here so that logs are appended to existing file instead of overwriting it.

Default is 0.

◆ writer

LogWriter* pj::LogConfig::writer

Custom log writer, if required. This instance will be destroyed by the endpoint when the endpoint is destroyed.

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