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pj::OnCreateMediaTransportSrtpParam Struct Reference

#include <call.hpp>

Data Fields

unsigned mediaIdx
pjmedia_srtp_use srtpUse
SrtpCryptoVector cryptos

Detailed Description

This structure contains parameters for Call::onCreateMediaTransportSrtp() callback.

Field Documentation

◆ mediaIdx

unsigned pj::OnCreateMediaTransportSrtpParam::mediaIdx

The media index in the SDP for which the SRTP media transport will be used.

◆ srtpUse

pjmedia_srtp_use pj::OnCreateMediaTransportSrtpParam::srtpUse

Specify whether secure media transport should be used. Application can modify this only for initial INVITE. Valid values are PJMEDIA_SRTP_DISABLED, PJMEDIA_SRTP_OPTIONAL, and PJMEDIA_SRTP_MANDATORY.

◆ cryptos

SrtpCryptoVector pj::OnCreateMediaTransportSrtpParam::cryptos

Application can modify this to specify the cryptos and keys which are going to be used.

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