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pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam Struct Reference

#include <account.hpp>

Data Fields

void * srvPres
string fromUri
SipRxData rdata
pjsip_status_code code
string reason
SipTxOption txOption

Detailed Description

This structure contains parameters for onIncomingSubscribe() callback.

Field Documentation

◆ srvPres

void* pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::srvPres

Server presence subscription instance. If application delays the acceptance of the request, it will need to specify this object when calling Account::presNotify().

◆ fromUri

string pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::fromUri

Sender URI.

◆ rdata

SipRxData pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::rdata

The incoming message.

◆ code

pjsip_status_code pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::code

The status code to respond to the request. The default value is 200. Application may set this to other final status code to accept or reject the request.

◆ reason

string pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::reason

The reason phrase to respond to the request.

◆ txOption

SipTxOption pj::OnIncomingSubscribeParam::txOption

Additional data to be sent with the response, if any.

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