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pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam Struct Reference

#include <account.hpp>

Data Fields

Token userData
string toUri
string msgBody
pjsip_status_code code
string reason
SipRxData rdata

Detailed Description

Parameters for onInstantMessageStatus() account callback.

Field Documentation

◆ userData

Token pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::userData

Token or a user data that was associated with the pager transmission.

◆ toUri

string pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::toUri

Destination URI.

◆ msgBody

string pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::msgBody

The message body.

◆ code

pjsip_status_code pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::code

The SIP status code of the transaction.

◆ reason

string pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::reason

The reason phrase of the transaction.

◆ rdata

SipRxData pj::OnInstantMessageStatusParam::rdata

The incoming response that causes this callback to be called. If the transaction fails because of time out or transport error, the content will be empty.

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