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pj::OnNatCheckStunServersCompleteParam Struct Reference

#include <endpoint.hpp>

Data Fields

Token userData
pj_status_t status
string name
SocketAddress addr

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ userData

Token pj::OnNatCheckStunServersCompleteParam::userData

Arbitrary user data that was passed to Endpoint::natCheckStunServers() function.

◆ status

pj_status_t pj::OnNatCheckStunServersCompleteParam::status

This will contain PJ_SUCCESS if at least one usable STUN server is found, otherwise it will contain the last error code during the operation.

◆ name

string pj::OnNatCheckStunServersCompleteParam::name

The server name that yields successful result. This will only contain value if status is successful.

◆ addr

SocketAddress pj::OnNatCheckStunServersCompleteParam::addr

The server IP address and port in "IP:port" format. This will only contain value if status is successful.

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