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pj::OnNatDetectionCompleteParam Struct Reference

#include <endpoint.hpp>

Data Fields

pj_status_t status
string reason
pj_stun_nat_type natType
string natTypeName

Detailed Description

Argument to Endpoint::onNatDetectionComplete() callback.

Field Documentation

◆ status

pj_status_t pj::OnNatDetectionCompleteParam::status

Status of the detection process. If this value is not PJ_SUCCESS, the detection has failed and nat_type field will contain PJ_STUN_NAT_TYPE_UNKNOWN.

Referenced by pj::Endpoint::onMediaEvent().

◆ reason

string pj::OnNatDetectionCompleteParam::reason

The text describing the status, if the status is not PJ_SUCCESS.

Referenced by pj::Endpoint::onMediaEvent().

◆ natType

pj_stun_nat_type pj::OnNatDetectionCompleteParam::natType

This contains the NAT type as detected by the detection procedure. This value is only valid when the status is PJ_SUCCESS.

◆ natTypeName

string pj::OnNatDetectionCompleteParam::natTypeName

Text describing that NAT type.

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