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pj::PresNotifyParam Struct Reference

#include <account.hpp>

Data Fields

void * srvPres
pjsip_evsub_state state
string stateStr
string reason
bool withBody
SipTxOption txOption

Detailed Description

Parameters for presNotify() account method.

Field Documentation

◆ srvPres

void* pj::PresNotifyParam::srvPres

Server presence subscription instance.

◆ state

pjsip_evsub_state pj::PresNotifyParam::state

Server presence subscription state to set.

◆ stateStr

string pj::PresNotifyParam::stateStr

Optionally specify the state string name, if state is not "active", "pending", or "terminated".

◆ reason

string pj::PresNotifyParam::reason

If the new state is PJSIP_EVSUB_STATE_TERMINATED, optionally specify the termination reason.

◆ withBody

bool pj::PresNotifyParam::withBody

If the new state is PJSIP_EVSUB_STATE_TERMINATED, this specifies whether the NOTIFY request should contain message body containing account's presence information.

◆ txOption

SipTxOption pj::PresNotifyParam::txOption

Optional list of headers to be sent with the NOTIFY request.

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