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#include <call.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void fromPj (const pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat &prm)

Data Fields

TimeVal update
unsigned updateCount
unsigned pkt
unsigned bytes
unsigned discard
unsigned loss
unsigned reorder
unsigned dup
MathStat lossPeriodUsec
LossType lossType
MathStat jitterUsec

Detailed Description

Unidirectional RTP stream statistics.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::RtcpStreamStat::fromPj ( const pjmedia_rtcp_stream_stat prm)

Convert from pjsip

Field Documentation

◆ update

TimeVal pj::RtcpStreamStat::update

Time of last update.

◆ updateCount

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::updateCount

Number of updates (to calculate avg)

◆ pkt

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::pkt

Total number of packets

◆ bytes

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::bytes

Total number of payload/bytes

◆ discard

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::discard

Total number of discarded packets.

◆ loss

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::loss

Total number of packets lost

◆ reorder

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::reorder

Total number of out of order packets

◆ dup

unsigned pj::RtcpStreamStat::dup

Total number of duplicates packets

◆ lossPeriodUsec

MathStat pj::RtcpStreamStat::lossPeriodUsec

Loss period statistics

◆ lossType

LossType pj::RtcpStreamStat::lossType

Types of loss detected.

◆ jitterUsec

MathStat pj::RtcpStreamStat::jitterUsec

Jitter statistics

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