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#include <types.hpp>

Data Fields

int major
int minor
int rev
string suffix
string full
unsigned numeric

Detailed Description

Version information.

Field Documentation

◆ major

int pj::Version::major

Major number

◆ minor

int pj::Version::minor

Minor number

◆ rev

int pj::Version::rev

Additional revision number

◆ suffix

string pj::Version::suffix

Version suffix (e.g. "-svn")

◆ full

string pj::Version::full

The full version info (e.g. "2.1.0-svn")

◆ numeric

unsigned pj::Version::numeric

PJLIB version number as three bytes with the following format: 0xMMIIRR00, where MM: major number, II: minor number, RR: revision number, 00: always zero for now.

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