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pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param Struct Reference

#include <sip_dialog.h>

Data Fields

pj_str_t local_uri
pj_str_t local_contact
pj_str_t remote_uri
pj_str_t target

Detailed Description

The parameter for pjsip_dlg_create_uac2().

Field Documentation

◆ ua

pjsip_user_agent* pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::ua

The user agent module instance.

◆ local_uri

pj_str_t pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::local_uri

Dialog local URI (i.e. From header).

◆ local_contact

pj_str_t pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::local_contact

Optional dialog local Contact to be put as Contact header value, hence the format must follow RFC 3261 Section 20.10: When the header field value contains a display name, the URI including all URI parameters is enclosed in "<" and ">". If no "<" and ">" are present, all parameters after the URI are header parameters, not URI parameters. The display name can be tokens, or a quoted string, if a larger character set is desired. If this argument is NULL, the Contact will be taken from the local URI.

◆ remote_uri

pj_str_t pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::remote_uri

Dialog remote URI (i.e. To header).

◆ target

pj_str_t pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::target

Optional initial remote target. If this argument is NULL, the initial target will be set to remote URI.

◆ grp_lock

pj_grp_lock_t* pjsip_dlg_create_uac_param::grp_lock

Optional group lock to use by this dialog. If the value is NULL, the dialog will create its own group lock.

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