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pjsua_vid_conf_port_info Struct Reference

#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pjsua_conf_port_id slot_id
pj_str_t name
pjmedia_format format
unsigned listener_cnt
pjsua_conf_port_id listeners [254]
unsigned transmitter_cnt
pjsua_conf_port_id transmitters [254]

Detailed Description

This structure describes information about a particular video media port that has been registered into the video conference bridge. Application can query this info by calling pjsua_vid_conf_get_port_info().

Field Documentation

◆ slot_id

pjsua_conf_port_id pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::slot_id

Conference port number.

◆ name

pj_str_t pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::name

Port name.

◆ format

pjmedia_format pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::format


◆ listener_cnt

unsigned pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::listener_cnt

Number of listeners in the array.

◆ listeners

pjsua_conf_port_id pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::listeners[254]

Array of listeners (in other words, ports where this port is transmitting to).

◆ transmitter_cnt

unsigned pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::transmitter_cnt

Number of transmitters in the array.

◆ transmitters

pjsua_conf_port_id pjsua_vid_conf_port_info::transmitters[254]

Array of transmitters (in other words, ports where this port is receiving from).

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