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Data Fields

void(* on_write_log )(pj_cli_front_end *fe, int level, const char *data, pj_size_t len)
void(* on_quit )(pj_cli_front_end *fe, pj_cli_sess *req)
void(* on_destroy )(pj_cli_front_end *fe)

Detailed Description

Front end operations. Only the CLI should call these functions directly.

Field Documentation

◆ on_destroy

void(* pj_cli_front_end_op::on_destroy) (pj_cli_front_end *fe)

Callback to be called to close and self destroy the front-end. This must also close any active sessions created by this front-ends.

feThe front end.

◆ on_quit

void(* pj_cli_front_end_op::on_quit) (pj_cli_front_end *fe, pj_cli_sess *req)

Callback to be called when the application is quitting, to signal the front-end to end its main loop or any currently blocking functions, if any.

feThe front end.
reqThe session which requested the application quit.

◆ on_write_log

void(* pj_cli_front_end_op::on_write_log) (pj_cli_front_end *fe, int level, const char *data, pj_size_t len)

Callback to write a log message to the appropriate sessions belonging to this front end. The front end would only send the log message to the session if the session's log verbosity level is greater than the level of this log message.

feThe front end.
levelVerbosity level of this message message.
dataThe message itself.
lenLength of this message.

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