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pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_rect_size size
pj_size_t framebytes
pj_uint8_tplanes [PJMEDIA_MAX_VIDEO_PLANES]
pj_size_t plane_bytes [PJMEDIA_MAX_VIDEO_PLANES]

Detailed Description

This structure holds information to apply a specific video format against size and buffer information, and get additional information from it. To do that, application fills up the input fields of this structure, and give this structure to apply_fmt() function of pjmedia_video_format_info structure.

Field Documentation

◆ size

pjmedia_rect_size pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::size

[IN] The image size. This field is mandatory, and has to be set correctly prior to calling apply_fmt() function.

◆ buffer

pj_uint8_t* pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::buffer

[IN] Pointer to the buffer that holds the frame. The apply_fmt() function uses this pointer to calculate the pointer for each video planes of the media. This field is optional – however, the apply_fmt() would still fill up the planes[] array with the correct pointer even though the buffer is set to NULL. This could be useful to calculate the size (in bytes) of each plane.

◆ framebytes

pj_size_t pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::framebytes

[OUT] The size (in bytes) required of the buffer to hold the video frame of the particular frame size (width, height).

◆ strides

int pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::strides[PJMEDIA_MAX_VIDEO_PLANES]

[OUT] Array of strides value (in bytes) for each video plane.

◆ planes

pj_uint8_t* pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::planes[PJMEDIA_MAX_VIDEO_PLANES]

[OUT] Array of pointers to each of the video planes. The values are calculated from the buffer field.

◆ plane_bytes

pj_size_t pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param::plane_bytes[PJMEDIA_MAX_VIDEO_PLANES]

[OUT] Array of video plane sizes.

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