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pjmedia_video_format_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_uint32_t id
char name [8]
pjmedia_color_model color_model
pj_uint8_t bpp
pj_uint8_t plane_cnt
pj_status_t(* apply_fmt )(const struct pjmedia_video_format_info *vfi, pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param *vafp)

Detailed Description

This structure holds information to describe a video format. Application can retrieve this structure by calling pjmedia_get_video_format_info() funcion.

Field Documentation

◆ id

pj_uint32_t pjmedia_video_format_info::id

The unique format ID of the media. Well known format ids are declared in pjmedia_format_id enumeration.

◆ name

char pjmedia_video_format_info::name[8]

Null terminated string containing short identification about the format.

◆ color_model

pjmedia_color_model pjmedia_video_format_info::color_model

Information about the color model of this video format.

◆ bpp

pj_uint8_t pjmedia_video_format_info::bpp

Number of bits needed to store one pixel of this video format.

◆ plane_cnt

pj_uint8_t pjmedia_video_format_info::plane_cnt

Number of video planes that this format uses. Value 1 indicates packed format, while value greater than 1 indicates planar format.

◆ apply_fmt

pj_status_t(* pjmedia_video_format_info::apply_fmt) (const struct pjmedia_video_format_info *vfi, pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param *vafp)

Pointer to function to apply this format against size and buffer information in pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param argument. Application uses this function to obtain various information such as the memory size of a frame buffer, strides value of the image, the location of the planes, and so on. See pjmedia_video_apply_fmt_param for additional information.

vfiThe video format info.
vafpThe parameters to investigate.
PJ_SUCCESS if the function has calculated the information in vafp successfully.

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