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Data Fields

unsigned frame_size
unsigned min_prefetch
unsigned max_prefetch
unsigned max_count
unsigned burst
unsigned prefetch
unsigned size
unsigned avg_delay
unsigned min_delay
unsigned max_delay
unsigned dev_delay
unsigned avg_burst
unsigned lost
unsigned discard
unsigned empty

Detailed Description

This structure describes jitter buffer state.

Field Documentation

◆ frame_size

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::frame_size

Individual frame size, in bytes.

◆ min_prefetch

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::min_prefetch

Minimum allowed prefetch, in frms.

◆ max_prefetch

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::max_prefetch

Maximum allowed prefetch, in frms.

◆ max_count

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::max_count

Jitter buffer capacity, in frames.

◆ burst

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::burst

Current burst level, in frames

◆ prefetch

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::prefetch

Current prefetch value, in frames

◆ size

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::size

Current buffer size, in frames.

◆ avg_delay

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::avg_delay

Average delay, in ms.

◆ min_delay

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::min_delay

Minimum delay, in ms.

◆ max_delay

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::max_delay

Maximum delay, in ms.

◆ dev_delay

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::dev_delay

Standard deviation of delay, in ms.

◆ avg_burst

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::avg_burst

Average burst, in frames.

◆ lost

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::lost

Number of lost frames.

◆ discard

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::discard

Number of discarded frames.

◆ empty

unsigned pjmedia_jb_state::empty

Number of empty on GET events.

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