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pjmedia_rtcp_fb_setting Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_bool_t dont_use_avpf
unsigned cap_count
pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap caps [PJMEDIA_RTCP_FB_MAX_CAP]

Detailed Description

This structure declares RTCP Feedback configuration settings.

Field Documentation

◆ dont_use_avpf

pj_bool_t pjmedia_rtcp_fb_setting::dont_use_avpf

Specify whether transport protocol in SDP media description uses RTP/AVP instead of RTP/AVPF. Note that RFC4585 mandates to signal RTP/AVPF profile, but it may cause SDP negotiation failure when negotiating with endpoints that does not support RTP/AVPF (including older version of PJSIP), furthermore, there is RFC8643 that promotes interoperability over the strictness of RTP profile specifications.

Default: PJ_TRUE.

◆ cap_count

unsigned pjmedia_rtcp_fb_setting::cap_count

Number of RTCP Feedback capabilities.

◆ caps

pjmedia_rtcp_fb_cap pjmedia_rtcp_fb_setting::caps[PJMEDIA_RTCP_FB_MAX_CAP]

The RTCP Feedback capabilities.

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