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pjmedia_srtp_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pj_bool_t active
pjmedia_srtp_crypto rx_policy
pjmedia_srtp_crypto tx_policy
pjmedia_srtp_use use
pjmedia_srtp_use peer_use
pjmedia_srtp_roc rx_roc
pjmedia_srtp_roc tx_roc

Detailed Description

This structure specifies SRTP transport specific info. This will fit into buffer field of pjmedia_transport_specific_info.

Field Documentation

◆ active

pj_bool_t pjmedia_srtp_info::active

Specify whether the SRTP transport is active for SRTP session.

◆ rx_policy

pjmedia_srtp_crypto pjmedia_srtp_info::rx_policy

Specify the policy used by the SRTP session for receive direction.

◆ tx_policy

pjmedia_srtp_crypto pjmedia_srtp_info::tx_policy

Specify the policy used by the SRTP session for transmit direction.

◆ use

pjmedia_srtp_use pjmedia_srtp_info::use

Specify the usage policy.

◆ peer_use

pjmedia_srtp_use pjmedia_srtp_info::peer_use

Specify the peer's usage policy.

◆ rx_roc

pjmedia_srtp_roc pjmedia_srtp_info::rx_roc

RTP sequence rollover counter info for incoming direction.

◆ tx_roc

pjmedia_srtp_roc pjmedia_srtp_info::tx_roc

RTP sequence rollover counter info for outgoing direction.

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