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pjmedia_transport_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

pjmedia_sock_info sock_info
pj_sockaddr src_rtp_name
pj_sockaddr src_rtcp_name
unsigned specific_info_cnt
pjmedia_transport_specific_info spc_info [PJMEDIA_TRANSPORT_SPECIFIC_INFO_MAXCNT]

Detailed Description

This structure describes transport informations, including general socket information and specific information of single transport or stacked transports (e.g: SRTP stacked on top of UDP)

Forward declaration for media transport info.

Field Documentation

◆ sock_info

pjmedia_sock_info pjmedia_transport_info::sock_info

General socket info.

Referenced by pjmedia_transport_info_init().

◆ src_rtp_name

pj_sockaddr pjmedia_transport_info::src_rtp_name

Remote address where RTP/RTCP originated from. In case this transport hasn't ever received packet, the address can be invalid (zero).

◆ specific_info_cnt

unsigned pjmedia_transport_info::specific_info_cnt

Specifies number of transport specific info included.

Referenced by pjmedia_transport_info_get_spc_info().

◆ spc_info

Buffer storage of transport specific info.

Referenced by pjmedia_transport_info_get_spc_info().

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