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pjsip_regc_cbparam Struct Reference

#include <sip_regc.h>

Data Fields

void * token
pj_status_t status
int code
pj_str_t reason
unsigned expiration
int contact_cnt
pjsip_contact_hdrcontact [10]
pj_bool_t is_unreg

Detailed Description

Structure to hold parameters when calling application's callback. The application's callback is called when the client registration process has finished.

Field Documentation

◆ regc

pjsip_regc* pjsip_regc_cbparam::regc

Client registration structure.

◆ token

void* pjsip_regc_cbparam::token

Arbitrary token set by application

◆ status

pj_status_t pjsip_regc_cbparam::status

Error status. If this value is non-PJ_SUCCESS, some error has occured. Note that even when this contains PJ_SUCCESS the registration might have failed; in this case the code field will contain non successful (non-2xx status class) code

◆ code

int pjsip_regc_cbparam::code

SIP status code received.

◆ reason

pj_str_t pjsip_regc_cbparam::reason

SIP reason phrase received.

◆ rdata

pjsip_rx_data* pjsip_regc_cbparam::rdata

The complete received response.

◆ expiration

unsigned pjsip_regc_cbparam::expiration

Next expiration interval, PJSIP_REGC_EXPIRATION_NOT_SPECIFIED if not specified.

◆ contact_cnt

int pjsip_regc_cbparam::contact_cnt

Number of contacts in response.

◆ contact

pjsip_contact_hdr* pjsip_regc_cbparam::contact[10]


◆ is_unreg

pj_bool_t pjsip_regc_cbparam::is_unreg

Expire header, if any, set to zero?

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