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pjsip_sdp_info Struct Reference

#include <sip_inv.h>

Data Fields

pj_str_t body
pj_status_t sdp_err

Detailed Description

This structure represents SDP information in a pjsip_(rx|tx)_data. Application retrieve this information by calling pjsip_get_sdp_info(). This mechanism supports multipart message body.

Field Documentation

◆ body

pj_str_t pjsip_sdp_info::body

Pointer and length of the text body in the incoming message. If the pointer is NULL, it means the message does not contain SDP body.

◆ sdp_err

pj_status_t pjsip_sdp_info::sdp_err

This will contain non-zero if an invalid SDP body is found in the message.

◆ sdp

pjmedia_sdp_session* pjsip_sdp_info::sdp

A parsed and validated SDP body.

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