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#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

pjsua_call_id id
pjsip_role_e role
pjsua_acc_id acc_id
pj_str_t local_info
pj_str_t local_contact
pj_str_t remote_info
pj_str_t remote_contact
pj_str_t call_id
pjsua_call_setting setting
pjsip_inv_state state
pj_str_t state_text
pjsip_status_code last_status
pj_str_t last_status_text
pjsua_call_media_status media_status
pjmedia_dir media_dir
pjsua_conf_port_id conf_slot
unsigned media_cnt
pjsua_call_media_info media [PJMEDIA_MAX_SDP_MEDIA]
unsigned prov_media_cnt
pjsua_call_media_info prov_media [PJMEDIA_MAX_SDP_MEDIA]
pj_time_val connect_duration
pj_time_val total_duration
pj_bool_t rem_offerer
unsigned rem_aud_cnt
unsigned rem_vid_cnt
struct {
   char   local_info [PJSIP_MAX_URL_SIZE]
   char   local_contact [PJSIP_MAX_URL_SIZE]
   char   remote_info [PJSIP_MAX_URL_SIZE]
   char   remote_contact [PJSIP_MAX_URL_SIZE]
   char   call_id [128]
   char   last_status_text [128]

Detailed Description

This structure describes the information and current status of a call.

Field Documentation

◆ id

pjsua_call_id pjsua_call_info::id

Call identification.

◆ role

pjsip_role_e pjsua_call_info::role

Initial call role (UAC == caller)

◆ acc_id

pjsua_acc_id pjsua_call_info::acc_id

The account ID where this call belongs.

◆ local_info

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::local_info

Local URI

◆ local_contact

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::local_contact

Local Contact

◆ remote_info

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::remote_info

Remote URI

◆ remote_contact

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::remote_contact

Remote contact

◆ call_id

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::call_id

Dialog Call-ID string.

◆ setting

pjsua_call_setting pjsua_call_info::setting

Call setting

◆ state

pjsip_inv_state pjsua_call_info::state

Call state

◆ state_text

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::state_text

Text describing the state

◆ last_status

pjsip_status_code pjsua_call_info::last_status

Last status code heard, which can be used as cause code

◆ last_status_text

pj_str_t pjsua_call_info::last_status_text

The reason phrase describing the status.

◆ media_status

pjsua_call_media_status pjsua_call_info::media_status

Media status of the default audio stream. Default audio stream is chosen according to this priority:

  1. enabled, i.e: SDP media port not zero
  2. transport protocol in the SDP matching account config's secure media transport usage (use_srtp field).
  3. active, i.e: SDP media direction is not "inactive"
  4. media order (according to the SDP).

◆ media_dir

pjmedia_dir pjsua_call_info::media_dir

Media direction of the default audio stream. See media_status above on how the default is chosen.

◆ conf_slot

pjsua_conf_port_id pjsua_call_info::conf_slot

The conference port number for the default audio stream. See media_status above on how the default is chosen.

◆ media_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_info::media_cnt

Number of active media info in this call.

◆ media

Array of active media information.

◆ prov_media_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_info::prov_media_cnt

Number of provisional media info in this call.

◆ prov_media

pjsua_call_media_info pjsua_call_info::prov_media[PJMEDIA_MAX_SDP_MEDIA]

Array of provisional media information. This contains the media info in the provisioning state, that is when the media session is being created/updated (SDP offer/answer is on progress).

◆ connect_duration

pj_time_val pjsua_call_info::connect_duration

Up-to-date call connected duration (zero when call is not established)

◆ total_duration

pj_time_val pjsua_call_info::total_duration

Total call duration, including set-up time

◆ rem_offerer

pj_bool_t pjsua_call_info::rem_offerer

Flag if remote was SDP offerer

◆ rem_aud_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_info::rem_aud_cnt

Number of audio streams offered by remote

◆ rem_vid_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_info::rem_vid_cnt

Number of video streams offered by remote

◆ buf_

struct { ... } pjsua_call_info::buf_


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