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#include <pjsua.h>

Data Fields

unsigned flag
unsigned req_keyframe_method
unsigned aud_cnt
unsigned vid_cnt
pjmedia_dir media_dir [PJMEDIA_MAX_SDP_MEDIA]

Detailed Description

Call settings.

Field Documentation

◆ flag

unsigned pjsua_call_setting::flag

Bitmask of pjsua_call_flag constants.


◆ req_keyframe_method

unsigned pjsua_call_setting::req_keyframe_method

This flag controls what methods to request keyframe are allowed on the call. Value is bitmask of pjsua_vid_req_keyframe_method.


◆ aud_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_setting::aud_cnt

Number of simultaneous active audio streams for this call. Setting this to zero will disable audio in this call.

Default: 1

◆ vid_cnt

unsigned pjsua_call_setting::vid_cnt

Number of simultaneous active video streams for this call. Setting this to zero will disable video in this call.

Default: 1 (if video feature is enabled, otherwise it is zero)

◆ media_dir

pjmedia_dir pjsua_call_setting::media_dir[PJMEDIA_MAX_SDP_MEDIA]

Media direction. This setting will only be used if the flag PJSUA_CALL_SET_MEDIA_DIR is set, and it will persist for subsequent offers or answers. For example, a media that is set as PJMEDIA_DIR_ENCODING can only mark the stream in the SDP as sendonly or inactive, but will not become sendrecv in subsequent offers and answers. Application can update the media direction in any API or callback that accepts pjsua_call_setting as a parameter, such as via pjsua_call_reinvite/update() or in on_call_rx_offer/reinvite() callback.

The index of the media dir will correspond to the provisional media in pjsua_call_info.prov_media. For offers that involve adding new medias (such as initial offer), the index will correspond to all new audio media first, then video. For example, for a new call with 2 audios and 1 video, media_dir[0] and media_dir[1] will be for the audios, and media_dir[2] video.


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