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Public Member Functions

 PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER (struct pj_stun_tx_data)

Data Fields

void * token
pj_bool_t retransmit
pj_uint32_t msg_magic
pj_uint8_t msg_key [12]
pj_stun_req_cred_info auth_info
void * pkt
unsigned max_len
pj_size_t pkt_size
unsigned addr_len
const pj_sockaddr_tdst_addr
pj_timer_entry res_timer

Detailed Description

This structure describe the outgoing STUN transmit data to carry the message to be sent.

Forward declaration for pj_stun_tx_data

Member Function Documentation


pj_stun_tx_data::PJ_DECL_LIST_MEMBER ( struct pj_stun_tx_data  )

PJLIB list interface

Field Documentation

◆ addr_len

unsigned pj_stun_tx_data::addr_len

Length of destination address.

◆ auth_info

pj_stun_req_cred_info pj_stun_tx_data::auth_info

Credential info

◆ client_tsx

pj_stun_client_tsx* pj_stun_tx_data::client_tsx

Client STUN transaction.

◆ dst_addr

const pj_sockaddr_t* pj_stun_tx_data::dst_addr

Destination address.

◆ max_len

unsigned pj_stun_tx_data::max_len

Length of packet buffer.

◆ msg

pj_stun_msg* pj_stun_tx_data::msg

The STUN message.

◆ msg_key

pj_uint8_t pj_stun_tx_data::msg_key[12]

Message/transaction key.

◆ msg_magic

pj_uint32_t pj_stun_tx_data::msg_magic

Message magic.

◆ pkt

void* pj_stun_tx_data::pkt

The STUN packet.

◆ pkt_size

pj_size_t pj_stun_tx_data::pkt_size

The actual length of STUN pkt.

◆ pool

pj_pool_t* pj_stun_tx_data::pool


◆ res_timer

pj_timer_entry pj_stun_tx_data::res_timer

Response cache timer.

◆ retransmit

pj_bool_t pj_stun_tx_data::retransmit

Retransmit request?

◆ sess

pj_stun_session* pj_stun_tx_data::sess

The STUN session.

◆ token

void* pj_stun_tx_data::token

The token.

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