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pj::AccountConfig Struct Reference

#include <account.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pj::AccountConfig:

Public Member Functions

 AccountConfig ()
void toPj (pjsua_acc_config &cfg) const
void fromPj (const pjsua_acc_config &prm, const pjsua_media_config *mcfg)
virtual void readObject (const ContainerNode &node) PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
virtual void writeObject (ContainerNode &node) const PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pj::PersistentObject
virtual ~PersistentObject ()

Data Fields

int priority
string idUri
AccountRegConfig regConfig
AccountSipConfig sipConfig
AccountCallConfig callConfig
AccountPresConfig presConfig
AccountMwiConfig mwiConfig
AccountNatConfig natConfig
AccountMediaConfig mediaConfig
AccountVideoConfig videoConfig
AccountIpChangeConfig ipChangeConfig

Detailed Description

Account configuration.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AccountConfig()

pj::AccountConfig::AccountConfig ( )

Default constructor will initialize with default values.

Member Function Documentation

◆ toPj()

void pj::AccountConfig::toPj ( pjsua_acc_config cfg) const

This will return a temporary pjsua_acc_config instance, which contents are only valid as long as this AccountConfig structure remains valid AND no modifications are done to it AND no further toPj() function call is made. Any call to toPj() function will invalidate the content of temporary pjsua_acc_config that was returned by the previous call.

◆ fromPj()

void pj::AccountConfig::fromPj ( const pjsua_acc_config prm,
const pjsua_media_config mcfg 

Initialize from pjsip.

◆ readObject()

virtual void pj::AccountConfig::readObject ( const ContainerNode node)

Read this object from a container node.

nodeContainer to read values from.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

◆ writeObject()

virtual void pj::AccountConfig::writeObject ( ContainerNode node) const

Write this object to a container node.

nodeContainer to write values to.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

Field Documentation

◆ priority

int pj::AccountConfig::priority

Account priority, which is used to control the order of matching incoming/outgoing requests. The higher the number means the higher the priority is, and the account will be matched first.

◆ idUri

string pj::AccountConfig::idUri

The Address of Record or AOR, that is full SIP URL that identifies the account. The value can take name address or URL format, and will look something like "sip:account@serviceprovider".

This field is mandatory.

◆ regConfig

AccountRegConfig pj::AccountConfig::regConfig

Registration settings.

◆ sipConfig

AccountSipConfig pj::AccountConfig::sipConfig

SIP settings.

◆ callConfig

AccountCallConfig pj::AccountConfig::callConfig

Call settings.

◆ presConfig

AccountPresConfig pj::AccountConfig::presConfig

Presence settings.

◆ mwiConfig

AccountMwiConfig pj::AccountConfig::mwiConfig

MWI (Message Waiting Indication) settings.

◆ natConfig

AccountNatConfig pj::AccountConfig::natConfig

NAT settings.

◆ mediaConfig

AccountMediaConfig pj::AccountConfig::mediaConfig

Media settings (applicable for both audio and video).

◆ videoConfig

AccountVideoConfig pj::AccountConfig::videoConfig

Video settings.

◆ ipChangeConfig

AccountIpChangeConfig pj::AccountConfig::ipChangeConfig

IP Change settings.

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