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pj::AccountPresConfig Struct Reference

#include <account.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pj::AccountPresConfig:

Public Member Functions

virtual void readObject (const ContainerNode &node) PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
virtual void writeObject (ContainerNode &node) const PJSUA2_THROW(Error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pj::PersistentObject
virtual ~PersistentObject ()

Data Fields

SipHeaderVector headers
bool publishEnabled
bool publishQueue
unsigned publishShutdownWaitMsec
string pidfTupleId

Detailed Description

Account presence config. This will be specified in AccountConfig.

Member Function Documentation

◆ readObject()

virtual void pj::AccountPresConfig::readObject ( const ContainerNode node)

Read this object from a container node.

nodeContainer to read values from.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

◆ writeObject()

virtual void pj::AccountPresConfig::writeObject ( ContainerNode node) const

Write this object to a container node.

nodeContainer to write values to.

Implements pj::PersistentObject.

Field Documentation

◆ headers

SipHeaderVector pj::AccountPresConfig::headers

The optional custom SIP headers to be put in the presence subscription request.

◆ publishEnabled

bool pj::AccountPresConfig::publishEnabled

If this flag is set, the presence information of this account will be PUBLISH-ed to the server where the account belongs.

Default: PJ_FALSE

◆ publishQueue

bool pj::AccountPresConfig::publishQueue

Specify whether the client publication session should queue the PUBLISH request should there be another PUBLISH transaction still pending. If this is set to false, the client will return error on the PUBLISH request if there is another PUBLISH transaction still in progress.


◆ publishShutdownWaitMsec

unsigned pj::AccountPresConfig::publishShutdownWaitMsec

Maximum time to wait for unpublication transaction(s) to complete during shutdown process, before sending unregistration. The library tries to wait for the unpublication (un-PUBLISH) to complete before sending REGISTER request to unregister the account, during library shutdown process. If the value is set too short, it is possible that the unregistration is sent before unpublication completes, causing unpublication request to fail.

Value is in milliseconds.


◆ pidfTupleId

string pj::AccountPresConfig::pidfTupleId

Optional PIDF tuple ID for outgoing PUBLISH and NOTIFY. If this value is not specified, a random string will be used.

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