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pj::AudioDevInfo Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void fromPj (const pjmedia_aud_dev_info &dev_info)
 ~AudioDevInfo ()

Data Fields

string name
unsigned inputCount
unsigned outputCount
unsigned defaultSamplesPerSec
string driver
unsigned caps
unsigned routes
MediaFormatAudioVector extFmt

Detailed Description

Audio device information structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~AudioDevInfo()

pj::AudioDevInfo::~AudioDevInfo ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::AudioDevInfo::fromPj ( const pjmedia_aud_dev_info dev_info)

Construct from pjmedia_aud_dev_info.

Field Documentation

◆ name

string pj::AudioDevInfo::name

The device name

◆ inputCount

unsigned pj::AudioDevInfo::inputCount

Maximum number of input channels supported by this device. If the value is zero, the device does not support input operation (i.e. it is a playback only device).

◆ outputCount

unsigned pj::AudioDevInfo::outputCount

Maximum number of output channels supported by this device. If the value is zero, the device does not support output operation (i.e. it is an input only device).

◆ defaultSamplesPerSec

unsigned pj::AudioDevInfo::defaultSamplesPerSec

Default sampling rate.

◆ driver

string pj::AudioDevInfo::driver

The underlying driver name

◆ caps

unsigned pj::AudioDevInfo::caps

Device capabilities, as bitmask combination of pjmedia_aud_dev_cap.

◆ routes

unsigned pj::AudioDevInfo::routes

Supported audio device routes, as bitmask combination of pjmedia_aud_dev_route. The value may be zero if the device does not support audio routing.

◆ extFmt

MediaFormatAudioVector pj::AudioDevInfo::extFmt

Array of supported extended audio formats

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