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Data Structures

struct  pj::MediaFormat
struct  pj::MediaFormatAudio
struct  pj::MediaFormatVideo
struct  pj::ConfPortInfo
class  pj::Media
class  pj::AudioMedia
struct  pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo
class  pj::AudioMediaPlayer
class  pj::AudioMediaRecorder
class  pj::ToneDesc
class  pj::ToneDigit
struct  pj::ToneDigitMapDigit
class  pj::ToneGenerator
struct  pj::AudioDevInfo
class  pj::AudDevManager
class  pj::ExtraAudioDevice
struct  pj::MediaCoordinate
struct  pj::MediaSize
struct  WindowHandle
struct  pj::VideoWindowHandle
struct  VideoWindowInfo
class  pj::VideoWindow
struct  pj::VideoPreviewOpParam
class  pj::VideoPreview
struct  pj::VideoDevInfo
struct  pj::VideoSwitchParam
class  pj::VidDevManager
struct  pj::CodecInfo
struct  CodecFmtp
struct  pj::CodecParamInfo
struct  pj::CodecParamSetting
struct  pj::CodecParam
struct  pj::VidCodecParam


typedef std::vector< MediaFormat > pj::MediaFormatVector
typedef void * pj::MediaPort
typedef std::vector< AudioMedia * > pj::AudioMediaVector
typedef std::vector< ToneDesc > pj::ToneDescVector
typedef std::vector< ToneDigit > pj::ToneDigitVector
typedef std::vector< ToneDigitMapDigit > pj::ToneDigitMapVector
typedef std::vector< AudioDevInfo * > pj::AudioDevInfoVector
typedef std::vector< VideoDevInfo * > pj::VideoDevInfoVector
typedef std::vector< CodecInfo * > pj::CodecInfoVector
typedef std::vector< CodecFmtppj::CodecFmtpVector

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<MediaFormat> pj::MediaFormatVector

Array of MediaFormat

typedef void* pj::MediaPort

Media port, corresponds to pjmedia_port

typedef std::vector<AudioMedia*> pj::AudioMediaVector

Array of Audio Media

typedef std::vector<ToneDesc> pj::ToneDescVector

Array of tone descriptor.

typedef std::vector<ToneDigit> pj::ToneDigitVector

Array of tone digits.

typedef std::vector<ToneDigitMapDigit> pj::ToneDigitMapVector

Tone digit map

typedef std::vector<AudioDevInfo*> pj::AudioDevInfoVector

Array of audio device info

typedef std::vector<VideoDevInfo*> pj::VideoDevInfoVector

Array of video device info

typedef std::vector<CodecInfo*> pj::CodecInfoVector

Array of codec info

typedef std::vector<CodecFmtp> pj::CodecFmtpVector

Array of codec fmtp


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