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pj::VidConfPortInfo Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void fromPj (const pjsua_vid_conf_port_info &port_info)

Data Fields

int portId
string name
MediaFormatVideo format
IntVector listeners
IntVector transmitters

Detailed Description

This structure descibes information about a particular media port that has been registered into the conference bridge.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::VidConfPortInfo::fromPj ( const pjsua_vid_conf_port_info port_info)

Construct from pjsua_conf_port_info.

Field Documentation

◆ portId

int pj::VidConfPortInfo::portId

Conference port number.

◆ name

string pj::VidConfPortInfo::name

Port name.

◆ format

MediaFormatVideo pj::VidConfPortInfo::format

Media audio format information

◆ listeners

IntVector pj::VidConfPortInfo::listeners

Array of listeners (in other words, ports where this port is transmitting to).

◆ transmitters

IntVector pj::VidConfPortInfo::transmitters

Array of listeners (in other words, ports where this port is listening to).

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