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pj::CodecParamSetting Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Data Fields

unsigned frmPerPkt
bool vad
bool cng
bool penh
bool plc
bool reserved
CodecFmtpVector encFmtp
CodecFmtpVector decFmtp

Detailed Description

Audio codec parameters setting.

Field Documentation

◆ frmPerPkt

unsigned pj::CodecParamSetting::frmPerPkt

Number of frames per packet.

◆ vad

bool pj::CodecParamSetting::vad

Voice Activity Detector.

◆ cng

bool pj::CodecParamSetting::cng

Comfort Noise Generator.

◆ penh

bool pj::CodecParamSetting::penh

Perceptual Enhancement

◆ plc

bool pj::CodecParamSetting::plc

Packet loss concealment

◆ reserved

bool pj::CodecParamSetting::reserved

Reserved, must be zero.

◆ encFmtp

CodecFmtpVector pj::CodecParamSetting::encFmtp

Encoder's fmtp params.

◆ decFmtp

CodecFmtpVector pj::CodecParamSetting::decFmtp

Decoder's fmtp params.

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