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pj::CodecParamInfo Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Data Fields

unsigned clockRate
unsigned channelCnt
unsigned avgBps
unsigned maxBps
unsigned maxRxFrameSize
unsigned frameLen
unsigned pcmBitsPerSample
unsigned pt
pjmedia_format_id fmtId

Detailed Description

Audio codec parameters info.

Field Documentation

◆ clockRate

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::clockRate

Sampling rate in Hz

◆ channelCnt

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::channelCnt

Channel count.

◆ avgBps

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::avgBps

Average bandwidth in bits/sec

◆ maxBps

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::maxBps

Maximum bandwidth in bits/sec

◆ maxRxFrameSize

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::maxRxFrameSize

Maximum frame size

◆ frameLen

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::frameLen

Decoder frame ptime in msec.

◆ pcmBitsPerSample

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::pcmBitsPerSample

Bits/sample in the PCM side

◆ pt

unsigned pj::CodecParamInfo::pt

Payload type.

◆ fmtId

pjmedia_format_id pj::CodecParamInfo::fmtId

Source format, it's format of encoder input and decoder output.

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