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pj::MediaFormatAudio Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pj::MediaFormatAudio:

Public Member Functions

void fromPj (const pjmedia_format &format)
pjmedia_format toPj () const

Data Fields

unsigned clockRate
unsigned channelCount
unsigned frameTimeUsec
unsigned bitsPerSample
pj_uint32_t avgBps
pj_uint32_t maxBps
- Data Fields inherited from pj::MediaFormat
pj_uint32_t id
pjmedia_type type

Detailed Description

This structure describe detail information about an audio media.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromPj()

void pj::MediaFormatAudio::fromPj ( const pjmedia_format format)

Construct from pjmedia_format.

◆ toPj()

pjmedia_format pj::MediaFormatAudio::toPj ( ) const

Export to pjmedia_format.

Field Documentation

◆ clockRate

unsigned pj::MediaFormatAudio::clockRate

Audio clock rate in samples or Hz.

◆ channelCount

unsigned pj::MediaFormatAudio::channelCount

Number of channels.

◆ frameTimeUsec

unsigned pj::MediaFormatAudio::frameTimeUsec

Frame interval, in microseconds.

◆ bitsPerSample

unsigned pj::MediaFormatAudio::bitsPerSample

Number of bits per sample.

◆ avgBps

pj_uint32_t pj::MediaFormatAudio::avgBps

Average bitrate

◆ maxBps

pj_uint32_t pj::MediaFormatAudio::maxBps

Maximum bitrate

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